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ExhibItalia thanks our sponsors for making this Italian Journey accessible to all Houstonians.


Each region of Italy, each city, has its traditional arts and crafts and there are many of both.

Florence is celebrated for its high quality leather and fine jewerly
Venice and Murano for delicate glassware
Como for precious silk
Cremona’s for its string instruments (Stradivaris and Guarneri were born here centuries ago),
Sardinia for the wollen tapestries and filigree jewels
Naples for cameo and coral jewelry…
and then furnitures, laces, shoes, ceramics, majolica, textiles, brasswork…

The list goes on and on and so it does the beauty, the love and the care that
is poured in every item produced all across Italy, following centuries old traditions.
Each one constantly being perfected by an unrequited passion for beauty,
precision and the strive to reach over and beyond anyone else before.

Italy is laden with traces of craftsmen, throughout the centuries, building on the old and striving toward the new.
ExhibItalia provides the opportunity to capture a glimpse of these artists who, through the use of ancient crafts,
bring new ideas to life, thanks to designs and techniques of their forebearers that live on in their modern work.