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Among tourist destinations worldwide, Italy and its cities rank among the highest, commanding a stream of more than 43 million visitors each year.


Italy is certainly known for its rich culture and its breathtaking landscapes.  Travelers can choose to explore from a diverse array of settings. But what sets Italy apart is its people with their contagious “gioia di vivere” (joy of living) which is passed on everyone that sets foot in the Bel Paese.

A small country (it is a third of Texas in size) with a big heart that, since ancient times, has given the world many masterful artists and architects. Etruscans, Romans,and Italians all produced (and continue to do so) artifacts and settlements that still give enjoyment to the world today. Through the ages –  Byzantine, Romanesque, Renaissance periods, Italy has accrued a large palette of styles and immortal talents of Masters.  Titian, Michelangelo,and Leonardo da Vinci, who created legendary works, have ushered in the work of numerous contemporaries, who continue Italy’s long line of artistic innovation to this day.

Therefore it is not a surprise that Italy contains more World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world.

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