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5-6 APRIL 2014
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston Texas
If it is Italian it is here!

Participating to ExhibITALIA offers not only a great immediate opportunity, but also a springboard to dive into a market rich of long term possibilities for your business.

This event will not only allow your company to showcase your products and give the public and businesses of Houston a chance to enjoy them, but gives you too the opportunity to experience first hand “the market buzz” of this great city in the even greater State of Texas.

A market ready, curious and attentive to quality products, quality which is historically associated with Made in Italy products. A market teeming with enticing business opportunities for your company.

Why Houston?

“Houston is unstoppable” (from ‘The Atlantic’),  So it is defined one of the most dynamic cities in Texas.

Texas over the past decade has created more jobs (about one million) than any other State of the Union and it is the place where the economy is constantly growing at a faster pace (double the rest of the USA) and where more business opportunities are added regularly. If Texas were a separate nation it would be the 13th largest economy in the world.

There are many areas in Houston (and Texas) whose growth and and evolution are of strong interest for Italian companies:

  • manufacturing/technology is one of the largest sector, with 5,200 companies with 500.000 skilled workers, more than 400 software development firms;
  • aerospace and aviation (Johnson Space Center, is a 1.5 billion complex that is home to NASA, involving 150 companies );
  • Energy (Oil & Gas): wth more than 3,500 companies from all over the world, Houston is now the heart of the oil industry worldwide.
  • Transport and logistics, is a very important segment of the industry due to Houston’s strategic position in the Gulf of Mexico: the door to Latin America.
  • Retail goods: Houston population is growing leaps and bounds in numbers all the while becaming more refined and with a strong desire to increase the palette of taste and expectations in all aspect of living. Made in Italy products are in a desirable category of their own: food&wine, design, fashion, culture, tourism, home decor the list is endless.

To make it even more attractive to businesses, Texas offers many incentives to support small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly in the new technologies area (research, development as well as their commercialization and expansion).