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Exhibit services

ExhibItalia provides its exhibitors with a list of authorized dealers to assist them with every need (booth set up, catering, welcoming, translations etc.)

Exhibitors should be wary of solicitation from companies who claim to provide exhibit services abusing ExhbItalia logo.

Exhibitors are under NO OBLIGATION to use ExhibItalia’s list of providers, but do use caution when selecting a company, which has to be an approved vendor of the George R. Brown Convention Center, who has the authority to refuse companies who do not meet their requirements.

Exhibitors scam

Do not accept ANY free offer of assistance or request to be included in lists or associations, do not share personal or company data with individual who claim to be from ExhibItalia.
ExhibItalia manages directly sales, advertising and the official listing of exhibitors in the ExhibItalia catalogue and has NOT outsourced  to any institution or company these services. Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, the organizer of ExhibItalia, may be contacting you as well regarding Exhib

Furthermore, please beware that some companies may contact exhibitors proposing assistance for hotel and flight booking. Only hotels and the Tour Operator listed in the Flight and Hotel page  (go to page) are associated with ExhibItalia. IACC Texas does not guarantee room price and/or availability if booked with other operators. Booking with fraudolent companies may result in invalid reservation and loss of deposit.

Signing and returning documents without having a clear understanding of terms and conditions may result in heavy long term financial obligation or for a three year period automatically renewed, from which it is not easy to legally recede from.

To file a complaint in the United States for this type of activities:

Federal Trade Commission
Office of Business Fraud
600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20580
Tel: 202/326-2800
Fax: 202/326-2034
E-mail: [email protected]