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5-6 APRIL 2014
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston Texas
If it is Italian it is here!

Participation is reserved to industrial producers and artisinal organizations of Made in Italy items or distributor of products of italian origin as well as companies promoting services with Italy as a destination for business or tourism.

It is also open to newspapers, magazines, publication and organizations.

Companies or institutions that do not respond to these criteria will not be considered.

Exhibition’s space is organized by areas:

  • arts&crafts,
  • design&tecnology,
  • culture&tourism,
  • fashion&accessories,
  • food&wine.

Interested parties should fill out the application form.
All requests will be reviewed by Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Texas who will get in touch directly with companies. Applications will be accepted based on availability and company profile.

For new exhibitors

All new exhibitors space will be assigned on a first come first serve basis, after renewing exhibitors have been placed.

Preemptive right

Renewals received by the 10th of january 2014 will be accorded preemptive rights, all renewals received past that date will be assigned a space based on a first come first serve base and subject to avaialbility.

Exhibit Booth

The standard booth will have:

  • 3m x 3m (height 240 cm) hardwall panel with side panel with 240 cm height
  • 3 shelves
  • company logo
  • 3 skanda lights),
  • wastebasket,
  • table (240 cm x 76) with cover
  • two chairs with no arm rest

Upon request ExhibItalia can offer and quote a variety of booth, which exhibitors can choose from based on their needs, positioned in highly visible locations within the George Brown Convention Center. For information contact info – AT – iacctexas.com

Booth set up should follow the Regolamento Tecnico by Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Texas  and the guidelines for booth planning that will be mailed together with the registration documentation.