Italy is the gift to the world that keeps on giving.

Exhibitalia's mission is to cast the spotlight on the numerous and less known peak of excellence that dots the charming Italian landscape and to bring to the fore the family companies that have been run by generations, each striving to outdo the previous one and achieve perfection with love.

My job is to introduce you to the artisans and companies that uphold the Italian tradition of making beautiful and functional things and make you establish a long lasting relationship with them.

Italians are never resting on their laurels when it comes to the making of things, be it a car, a jewel, a glass, or a piece of furniture.

The thousand years of history are weaved into the making of stunningly beautiful products, impeccably executed. This combination is what the world has come to associate with the Made in Italy tag, yet recently, the Italian sound products are watering down this value.

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