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Project Description

Art Arredo

The Stile Italiano Collection brings to life the antiques of the future. The original design of its pieces, inspired by contemporary and bygone styles, and the superior craftmanship makes owning one of these pieces owning a masterpiece. The allure of art deco and classical styles are distilled in Made in Italy pieces that crystallize beauty in a timeless form.

The obsessive attention to details and a one-of-a-kind artistic direction allow us to deliver to our clients products that makes their dream come true, from on-demand creation, to the customization of any catalogue item. Our artisans, strong of decades of experience and a multi-century tradition, turn ideas in objects of indisputable value for an international and demanding clientele.

The commercial, residential and hotel projects, realized around the world, do the talk about Art Arredo’s creative and workmanship abilities.

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