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Vetrerie Empoli

Holding a piece from Vetreri Empoli brings unexplicable emotions from a distant past. Glassblowing, originally traced back to Syrian craftsman in the 1st century BC, by the middle ages had become an Italian craft, with Venice first, then Murano, at its epicenter. Over centuries, new techniques were developed and rare pigments added to create shapes with astounding colours.

The refined pieces of today produced by Vetrerie Empoli are steeped in this history. An excellence guaranteed by the family’s dedication and more than a century expertise to push the boundaries of the possibile so to be at the forefront with its internationally patented collections.

Vetrerie di Empoli first branded stores opened in Rome, Turin and Milan in 1935. Since then,the high quality and striking innovative designs of Vetrerie di Empoli has enchanted to the most sophisticated international clientele.

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